Finalist for The 2016 Dundurn Unhanged Arthur Award 


ISBN 978-0-9951993-0-9

Pick your way past bodies and puzzle out nefarious situations with PR consultant Kate Logan and dogged reporter Rhys Wilson.

When a dismembered hand is discovered in the cookie jar of a luxurious home, reporter Wilson is, once again, eager to connect the dots all the way to the Pacific Lottery Corporation. Caught up in the frantic pace of her new job and well aware of Wilson’s reputation as a muckraker with a fierce antigambling agenda, Kate, Pacific's Manager of Communications, gives him the brush off.

Circumstances draw them closer, however, and she begins to understand his motivation. When the evidence does a complete 180 and implicates Wilson, Kate knows she has to separate the truth from the lies before becoming the next victim.

A fast moving tale, with a colorful cast of characters, some loveable, some despicable, The Bloody Business of Luck takes place on British Columbia Canada’s beautiful Pacific Coast, and will leave you guessing to the very end.